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  frantic   deceiving   fragmentation   wave   room   begging   leading lady   hurrying   walking   police station   heroine   legs   friend   mode mixture   ex-husband   mickey-mousing   11th chord   source music   plagal cadence   daughter   server   sports   deceptive resolution   divorce   leaving   closing   dramatic   cheerful   triumphant   hopeful   death   fighting   pedal tone   parallelism   chromatic parallelism   oscillation   self-borrowing   chromatic scale   shooting   familiar tune   collapsing   flashback   entering   conversing   parallel double period   antagonist   child   dark   football   sleeping   murder   foreign key modulation   wipe   dying   restaurant   added-note chord   water   dreaming   whole-tone chord   love interest   harsh   augmented triad   sequence   popular music   romantic   tearing   on-screen music   robe   calm   lying   insulting   skipping   playing   clinking   optimistic   stern   police   chromatic wedge   tense   dock   mother   dancing   name on screen   traveling   arguing   angry   augmented sixth chord   score to source borrowing   dissonant bass   altered dominant   illness   nurse   parallel period   crying   tender   determined   serving   up   ominous   waltz   street   common-chord modulation   dining   rising   victim   peaceful   common-tone diminished 7th   doctor   somber   murderer   flirting   breaking   playful   staggering   sinister   voice-over   emotional   upbeat   loving   waitress   pc set   troubled   deception   source to score   mocking   record player   memory   kitchen   worrying   violence   double exposure   stinger   warm   chromatic mediant   patient   realizing   detective   cut from film   AABA structure   standing   minor-major 7th chord   arriving   beach   fear   classical music   searching   half-diminished 7th chord   selfishness   heroic   bold   reuniting   dance music   drinking   slamming   common-tone dominant 7th   confessing   singing   working   questioning   parallel 63s   running   toasting   interrupting   ballet   jazz   9th chord   watching   distortion   stairs   sneaking   suicide   turbulent   imitation   sick person   regretting   ascending   mysterious   applying   whole-tone scale   pleading   window   door   waiting   sacrificing   lamp   interrogating   looking   bankruptcy   kissing   treating   serious   dissonant   diminished 7th chord   thinking   gentle   car   linear chromaticism   bill   reverse stinger   falling   ocean   down   ringing   apologizing   reveal   ladder   underscoring   sequential modulation   telephone   distress   lost hope   betrayal   enharmonic reinterpretation   greed   agitated   tragic   chromatic sequence   happy   smiling   raising   confession   mourning   polo   distressed   gun   graceful   smashing   pleasant   waves   cast list   busy   attraction   glass   newspaper   maid   knocking   ABAC structure   scored source music   pondering   fanfare   Neapolitan   writing   sweet   comical   ugly   bitter   cook   tritone   justice   64 chord   WB shield   escaping   excited   slapping   jaunty   throwing   success   welcoming   thanking   shadow   appoggiatura   sliding   bad news   three-phrase period   unstable   suspension   fantasy   record   forgiveness   cooking   hectic   major 7th chord   club   secondary dominant   blackmail   octatonic chord   disagreement   title of film   yelling   glaring   enharmonic modulation   frolicking   reverse picardy   laughing   stopping   driving   revealing   scolding   celebrating   lonely   sitting   octatonic scale   packing   beach house   sigh gesture   breaking up   split-7th chord   romance   excitement   embracing   ABAB structure   disrobing   chair   anger   husband   uneasy   promising   suspenseful   body   calling   staring   resolved   combination of themes   swimming   surprise   sentimental   gunshot   noble   ticking   crime   blinds   opening   love theme   returning   stunned   guest   rushing   lumbering   defeat   spiral staircase   rolling   corpse   work   splashing   contemplating   aggressive   starring list   subtle   train   comforting   setup   whole-tone   check   discovering   flashback ends   resigned   field   dream-like   jukebox   whistling   delicate   spinning   quotation   cheering   relaxed   photograph   betraying   depressed