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  sweet   mickey-mousing   smashing   running   knocking   distress   ladder   popular music   comfort   dark   bankruptcy   mourning   tense   stinger   mother   suburbs   rich   heroic   source music   breaking   standing   betrayal   gentle   door   car   ticking   waltz   underscoring   beach   smiling   disagreement   combination of themes   apology   argument   on-screen music   restaurant   frantic   illness   love   cast list   driving   dream-like   whistling   dreaming   falling   heroine   somber   dramatic   home   searching   murder   happy   parallelism   newspaper   agent   gun   spinning   ringing   record   angry   romance   montage   record player   working   police   stern   familiar tune   chopin   up   death   lamp   success   glass   down   triumphant   kissing   clinking   depressed   playful   noble   excited   playing   blackmail   title of film   main title   beach house   glorious   telephone   fantasy   defeat   quotation   jazz   tearing   upstairs   turbulent   skipping   child   suicide   gunshot   arguing   ocean   maid   rising   harsh   crime   singing   deception   fanfare   dance music   walking   work   waves   attraction   sign   unstable   cheerful   warm   jukebox   classical music   traveling   confession   ugly   violence   selfish   football   divorce   fighting   polo   waitress   train   uneasy   comical   check   stunned   slapping   disrobing   dock   wipe   justice   frolicking   sneaking   reverse stinger   greed   thinking   hurrying   memory   hesitation   mocking   determined   serious   shadow   lost hope   emotional   love theme   detective   optimistic   suspense   wb shield   dancing   pleading   legs   graceful   opening   robe   resolved   sports   bad news   troubled