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  concerned   heroine   underscoring   hero   mysterious   montage   dancing   car   worry   down   romance   portrait   running   main title   sunny   map   angry   Mexican music   danger   luggage   escaping   desert   crash   death   happy   light   rescue   driving   rock   calm   guitar   walking   lost love   slipping   prison   headlights   newspaper   dark   gentle   mickey-mousing   sad   combination of themes   sun   bright   love   bus   glass   priest   galloping   chasing   tense   classical   wheel   fear   menacing   ranch   traveling   morning   peace   cast list   singing   candle   packing   suspense   falling off   on-screen music   confusion   resue   motorcycle   promise   Schubert   party   store   hugging   somber   cliff   stumbling   source music   funereal   undressing   campfire   cop   searching   prisoner   climbing   dramatic   waking up   march   reprieve   stinger   agitated   outburst   fanfare   editor   falling   familiar tune   transition   telephone   murder   kissing   thoughtful   accordion   obsessive   turning off   starring list   crying   bold   sleeping   horse   leaving   freedom   heights   comical   thematic transferrence   hopeful   title of film