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  parallelism   foreign key modulation   appoggiatura   open fifth   pc set   tritone   oscillation   sequence   9th chord   pentatonic   chromatic scale   Neapolitan   chromatic mediant   fragmentation   ostinato   chromatic parallelism   AABA structure   changing meter   added-note chord   parallel fifths   whole-tone chord   layering   dissonant bass   crying gesture   suspension   call and response   altered dominant   common-chord modulation   whole-tone   mirroring   sequential modulation   tone cluster   plagal cadence   chromatic sequence   polyrhythm   reverse picardy   augmentation   sigh gesture   deceptive resolution   diminished 7th chord   harmonic sequence   quintal chord   melodic cell   pedal tone   half-diminished 7th chord   augmented triad   common-tone diminished 7th   11th chord   tritone oscillation   Dorian mode   Phrygian mode   pump-up modulation   polytonality   minor-major 7th chord   major 7th chord   Aeolian mode   augmented major 7th chord   64 chord   upper pedal tone   circle of fifths   secondary dominant   major triad   stretto imitation   quartal chord   polychord   augmented sixth chord   Lydian mode   Locrian mode   linear chromaticism   ABA structure   polymeter   retardation   enharmonic respelling   contrasting period