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  confessing   shop   antagonist   chinese   polytonality   anxiety   tense   leading lady   body   lawyer   main theme   mysterious   augmented triads   arguing   friend   chromatic sequence   dramatic   chinatown   tinkling   sequence   lying   conversing   prison   home   pentatonic   husband   open fifths   indonesian music   glass   polyrhythms   chromatic   underscoring   death   policeman   gamelan   pedal tone   curtain   looking   dance music   reacting   exotic   point of view   cloud   parallelism   recounting   sad   plantation   combination of themes   setting   chromatic parallelism   oscillation   deception   widow   ostinatos   fragmentation   layering   heroic   title of film   light   dagger   office   whole-tone chord   pc sets   call and response   source music   leaving   letter   walking   staring   calm   hospital   gentle   waiting   playing music   thinking   servant   passionate   augmentation   reveal   confronting   murder   bold   suspense   singapore   foxtrot   melodic cells   lacework   somber   clouds   stinger   whole-tone chords   starring list   tender   exoticism   planning   romance   polychords   spying   main title   mickey-mousing   arriving   party   quintal chords   open fifths   turning on   tritone   embracing   fear   driving   sneaky   moon   shadow   crying   romantic   sleeping   ominous   warehouse   city   dropping   serious   fainting   murderer   dark   cast list   emotional   paying   collapsing   grieving   closing credits   dirge   obsessive   minor-major sevenths   panning shot   composer reference   watching   drinking   chromatic sequences   quartal chord   door   sinister   yearning   buildup   zoom in   natives   reading   weeping   denying   stern   cut from film   chromatic paralellism   anxious   whole tone chords   parallel fifths   sitting   chinese   brassy   cheerful   despair   reverse picardy   investigating   happy   kissing   whole-tone   tone cluster   chromaticism   creeping   augmented triad   delicate   dinner music   plagal cadence   distress   modes   pacing   artwork in score   gun   eating   dripping   arpeggiation   angry   sign   fanfare   jungle   distortion   glance   dancing   trial   solemn   comforting   refusing   wipe   mournful   celebrating   on-screen music   noble   gunshot   wb shield   courtroom   entering   climax   glorious   longing   stooping   contempt   resolution   opening   plotting   obsession   justice   running   suspension   falling