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  leading lady   playing   pc set   crazy person   suspension   toasting   conversing   establish place   tense   card   leading man   brother   harmonic sequence   cut from film   whistling   reporter   foreign key modulation   dark   parallel 63s   metric dissonance   cemetery   pedal tone   underscoring   self-borrowing   polychord   murderer   groom   chromatic scale   64 chord   greeting   on-screen music   chromatic parallelism   hurrying   calm   rushed   aunt   rushing   mode mixture   office   captive   mickey-mousing   victim   marriage   sneaking   fear   room   dissonant bass   running   cheerful   struggling   familiar tune   panicking   bride   intimidating   flirting   source music   darkness   ominous   doctor   sequence   augmented triad   mysterious   hurried   threatening   inversion   wind   calling   parallel period   carrying   driver   stinger   upbeat   religious   diminution   diminished 7th chord   dramatic   singing   street   source and scoring overlap   Chinese   criminal   march   evaded cadence   direct modulation   romantic   digging   bystander   close-up   Neapolitan   love   augmented sixth chord   magical   staring   fragmentation   added-note chord   field   whispering   common-tone diminished 7th   anger   umpire   musician   face   observing   augmentation   plotting   arguing   comical   sinister   popular song   gentle   dialing   wind effect   smiling   entering   window   chromatic mediant   falling   trick-or-treating   scar   whole-tone scale   altered dominant   cleaning   looking   oscillation   patriotic tune   ostinato   blowing   chromatic wedge   common-chord modulation   9th chord   secondary dominant   alcohol   tritone   horn flare   phrase extension   kissing   sailing   starring list   cast list   chasing   scurrying   tender   bugle   saxophone   hymn   dirge   whole-tone chord   parallelism   hat   corpse   torturing   spouse   kindness   knocking   clerk   gravestone   transcribed by ear   disguise   telephone   hymn-like   crowd   walking   enharmonic modulation   arriving   WB shield   combination of themes   bass drum   opening   score to source   appoggiatura   thinking   linear chromaticism   exotic   Halloween   bridge   tone cluster   scored source music   shadow   baseball   cheering   old man   deceptive resolution   split-fifth chord   planning   tying   open fifth   trombone   pump-up modulation   suspenseful   classical music   questioning   pleasant   boat   distortion   split-third chord   countermelody   quartal chord   layering   embracing   source to score   extinguishing   silent film music   delicate   parallel fifths   punching   harpsichord   happy   winking   42 chord   picture   child   surprise   silhouette   panicked   war song   gagging   city   wipe   half-diminished 7th chord   fighting   hiding   bugle call   peeking   intervallic expansion   harsh   police   light   parallel double period   New York City   hanging up   reveal   telephone effect   watching   baseball player   simulated source music   descending   clinking   raising   fanfare   creaking   startled   stereotype   zoom in   funeral march   glass effect   grabbing   snooping   pep band   yelling   hurting   11th chord   The End   match   peaceful   agitated   13th chord   expressive   title of film   acceleration   drinking   bold   convincing